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We love to hear feedback after individuals experience The Curaloe Difference, which is why we were humbled (but thrilled!) to have a wonderful mention about our Curaloe Body Gel by one of our local publications:! 

Here is what the Editor had to say:

Curaloe Aloe Vera Body Gel

When I first tried Curaloe's Aloe Vera Body Gel -  a product that uses an extraction of aloe vera that’s supposedly superior to most brands – I was quick to contact the distributor to let her know that I simply wasn’t seeing results. I had been using the gel on my daughter’s very dry hands and feet, thinking I might experience more moisture. At the time, I didn’t realize the best product for this type of result was the Curaloe All Purpose Cream. The distributor, Rosemarie Ivy, was so incredibly understanding as I explained my results, and she offered to let me sample the All Purpose Cream which, according to Rosemarie, has provided dramatic results for her daughter’s eczema. I declined; I wanted to stick to the gel and see if persistence would pay off. But eventually, I abandoned my daily ritual of gel application altogether. Still wanting to give this product a chance, I started thinking “What would I typically use aloe vera gel for?” I’ve always known it to help with burns and wound healing, but fortunately for me, there were no wounds to heal, so I just thought “too bad I can’t give this product an honest try!”

But then came Easter Sunday. Green beans were on the menu, and what’s a pot of green beans without a pound of butter and added bacon pieces? In hindsight, I should have drained the fat in the skillet before adding more bacon pieces, because when I began laying the second batch I got a bad splash of hot oil – worst than any burn I’ve had in decades! The oil splashed my wrist, and within minutes, I had lots of little dark burn circles on my wrist. It wasn’t a horrible burn, but boy was it unattractive. Using aloe vera was the first thing that came to mind, and I immediately thought of breaking open a leaf from my daughter’s aloe vera plant.

But then I remembered my Curaloe aloe vera gel. I grabbed it from my room and applied it for instant relief. It was so nice to have right there, right out of a bottle! Curaloe products feature the highest percentages of pure, 100% Organic Aloe Vera, so I didn’t feel like I was getting any less of a product. I applied the gel day after day after day, and today I’m so pleased to say what would have been a scar for life is completely gone! I definitely credit my Curaloe aloe vera gel! I should have taken some photos, but I wasn’t expecting the results I got, so I didn’t bother. In the past, I’ve left many minor burns and bruises unattended (on myself and the kiddos from their mishaps), and unfortunately, we have the leftover scars to prove it! Now I know that Curaloe’s aloe very gel is a good product to help with the healing. I recommend having a bottle of this on hand and keeping some in your first aide kit! 

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